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Another Big Snow

I was just looking through some old photos to see if I could find anything from “the big snow” of 2000, when we got about 23 inches and our (then) nearly two-year-old son stepped off the porch and dropped out of sight. Digital photography has come a long time since then, but here are some images from then and now. Come on summer!

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Have You Signed Up for Continuing Education?

wake_tech2I was happy to read about how community colleges are working to help get people back into the workforce this morning on the N&O.

Beginning next month, I’ll be teaching The Business of Writing for Children and Introduction to Grantwriting. There are still a couple of spots left for enrollment of you’re interested in either of these workshop-style classes.


World AIDS Day 2013

red_ribbonThirty years in to the epic disease that has swept the world, we are closer than ever to finding more treatments, more medicine, more tolerance, more choices … but never forget that HIV disease is a disease of the least. HIV disease affects, or infects, individuals with the least stable housing, the least nutrition, the least income for medicine, the least opportunity. Remember the facts:

  • HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infects cells of the immune system and destroys or impairs their function, making it hard for the body to fend off infections and diseases.
  • AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the most advanced stages of HIV infection.
  • HIV can be transmitted five ways: through unprotected vaginal or anal sex; oral sex with an individual living with HIV; during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding from mother to baby; sharing needles; or transfusions of contaminated blood.

If you do not have HIV disease, you need to know how to not get it. If you have HIV disease, you need to know how to not spread it. Get tested; know your status. Talk to your children about safe, responsible sex. Wear a condom — EVERY time. Keep up with HIV and AIDS in the media. Exchange health histories.
And …



Running Shoe Advice

I’m on the search for some new running shoes. Here’s what I need: medium to high arch, good for back injuries, good for healed plantar fasciitis, no pronation or supination, and if possible - magic endurance. Here’s what the nice lady at Dick’s suggested:



They’ll spend their time on the treadmill at the Y, on the trails around town, and on the boot camp black top. My last shoes were a pair of The North Face trail runners, which took me from the trails at Umstead Park to the tropical Grand Cayman and Belizean rainforest … and all points in between. But they’re not available any more.

Any thoughts on these choices … or perhaps, other shoes to consider?