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Adventuretime! Plus one edition

We decided to take it easy today and walked around downtown for a bit, then had lunch at the Small B&B Cafe. With my son, who everybody is crazy about. Neither Rah-Rah nor I bothered with fixing up our hair today because we’re still on the tail end of a super windy day yesterday. I wore my Paris beret, and Rah-Rah said she didn’t feel like setting her hair for a Cat-5, so you get what you get. What adventures have you been up to lately?

I’m adding this here because it’s one of my favorite photos. Mom’s always willing to do the craziest stuff for a photo. Here, she’s dreaming of being a hula hoop queen like Peggy Noodle, Hoop Queen, in my first children’s book. Go, mom!

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Ministry of Love and Happiness

I got ordained as a minister in 2017 as a backup for my friends Patrick and Tony, whose minister (and aunt) broke her leg days before their wedding. Fortunately, Patrick’s sister was able to fill the role, and I shelved my ministerial credentials and hopes and waited for the right friend to need them. Last weekend it happened, y’all: I performed the marriage of my great friend Cynthia and her new husband, Tim. I was nervous because there was a real McCoy priest in the family and in attendance, but as soon as I stood next to Tim on the beach, where he waited for his beloved to join him, I was calm. I’m never worried about the conversation of love and happiness, because I’m both a writer and a romance author … I just needed to get past the nerves.

Like Ringo Starr, Dennis Leary, and Debbie Reynolds, I’m ordained through the Universal Life Church. I don’t know what they’re qualified for, but I do it all but christenings and exorcisms — I’m not messing with anybody’s religion because who needs that zap to the karma — I’m as good as any captain of the sea. So, argh!, HMU if you need a wedding minister. 😉


Adventuretime! Watercolors edition

At the beginning of the year, I started having Adventuretime! with my mom as a way to keep her active and engaged. We have a tasty lunch, do a little exercise, and use some brain power. Some weeks we color, some weeks we dance, some weeks we walk. This week, we headed to my mother-in-law’s house to do a little painting.

My MIL’s a retired math teacher, so it’s no surprise she was able to do a quick watercolor lesson. We started with a chaos background and built up from there. Lunch was a collective effort of homemade chicken and Israeli couscous soup and salad. And since we’ve all gotten COVID-19 vaccinations (the moms are finished, and I’ve gotten my first dose), we had free Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert. I mean …

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Adventuretime! Silver sneakers edition

Patty Pineapple is a force to be reckoned with, and in her late seventies still runs circles around people decades younger than her. She’s an old pro at Silver Sneakers and has great advice and resources on stretching and senior yoga. This week, she wowed us with her exercise ball … by the time I got home, my husband had ordered one for me and Rah-Rah. Now we are all badass athletes with professional equipment.

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Adventuretime! Nordic walking poles edition

Now that Rah-Rah’s an ‘active senior,’ and basically an athlete, we got her some Nordic walking poles. Or as she likes to call them, “my sticks.” My friend Denise’s mother, Omi, is German and an old pro at the walking poles and gave me some good advice: “Make sure you stand up straight, don’t reach out.” It was good advice, and jives with Rah-Rah’s habit of getting her hips under her before she begins walking … she’s got two bionic knees. Check her out:

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Adventuretime! Vaccine edition

Have you gotten your COVID-19 vaccination yet? Our family is underway. Rah-Rah, Patty Pineapple and our son’s girlfriend, Leighronious have already gotten their first shots. My husband is up next, followed by me (community college adjunct) and our son (frontline journalist). Within the next 10 days, we should all be somewhere on the vaccination spectrum. Thanks to everyone in the community who’d doing their part to keep each other safe, and thanks to our frontline workers who are keeping the country going! PS. Check out mom’s new specs. #winning


Fun stuff in the news

I’m super excited about my forthcoming political romantic suspense, Mine By Design, releasing on February 3. Our local newspaper ran a great piece: Chatham author’s new novel takes on a corrupt politician.

Pre-orders are up now for IndieBound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, for both paperback and digital editions. I hope you’ll get a copy, and leave a [great, 5-star] review. 🙂 And if you’ve got a local bookstore, ask them to carry it. It’s good for your karma.

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Adventuretime! in the New Year

I decided to begin what I’m calling Adventuretime! … a playdate with my mother and mother-in-law, where we do a little exercise for healthy bodies, a little activity for healthy minds, and a tasty lunch. To, you know, keep everybody from turning feral.

For our first Adventuretime! of the year, it was just me and Rah-Rah, having chicken noodle soup at her house and playing Connect 4 (her fave), because it was super cold outside. We did some chair stretches to get the blood flowing. As you can see, we started this endeavor at exactly the right moment because mom is clearly smoking crack. PS. Sometimes we don’t even fix our hair before Adventuretime! #rebels