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A New Chapter

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Starting a new chapter in life can sometimes be more challenging and scary than writing the first sentence of Chapter One.

I’ve dreamed for years of becoming a successful novelist, with stories in a wide variety of genres like romance, espionage thrillers and children’s literature. Fortune smiled on me in December 2009 when I sold my first romance manuscript to a new Canadian e-publisher, XOXO Publishing. That first contemporary romance went on sale May 1, 2010 (it’s now a bestseller) … my second novel went on sale last weekend through the same publisher. I went to Toronto in June for the Small Press Book Fair and had a great time, but when I returned I was whisked right back into the stressful full-time position I have writing and managing grants and public affairs for an AIDS service organization in North Carolina.

For the last few weeks I’ve wrestled with myself … my own sense of throwing away all of the full and part-time jobs my mom and I had when I was in middle and high school that paid for my college education. In addition to my mom’s full time job, we started cleaning two bank buildings when I was in middle school. When I started driving, my mom kept those two jobs, but picked up a weekend part-time job at a video store and I added a part-time job at a yogurt store to the mix … in addition to being the editor for my school’s yearbook, serving on the student council, and playing varsity soccer. So with today’s economy, a 12 year old child and a husband who views me as an equal partner and lover in our marriage, I really felt like I couldn’t (in good conscience) just quit. To follow my dream. Bah!

But, after a Labor Day hurricane evacuation from the Crystal Coast, quiet time with my family, and a moment to let my mind wander, the sense of peace I’d been waiting for finally passed over me, and I took the first step in ending one chapter of my life this week. After my agency’s fundraiser, Works of Heart, on October 9, I’m officially done. I will work as a freelance writer and editor when possible, but I will have the time to pursue a literary agent, finish the dozen novels I’ve got in multiple stages of completion, help my son with homework in the afternoon, and just breathe.

Here’s a chapter I can’t wait to unfurl. And by the way, if you’re in the market for a writer, editor or photographer, call me. 🙂

Author: Dolly R. Sickles

Writer, mother, wife, adventurer, agent of change, advocate, ally, volunteer, instructor, and lover of chocolate. I write romance as Becky Moore, and children’s literature as Dolly Dozier. I'm a contributor with Frolic.Media, a book reviewer for BookPage, and I'm also an adjunct instructor in the Creative Writing Programs at Central Carolina Community College and Wake Technical Community College. And when I'm not writing or dreaming about writing, I'm out adventuring with my family.

One thought on “A New Chapter

  1. What a wonderful story. Everyone should have the opportunity to follow their dreams. Being able to reach this decision had to be a joint effort reached with the support of your whole family. How lucky you are to have such a husband, child and extended support system. Best of luck!

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