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Viva la Oatmeal Revolución

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I love oatmeal. Breakfast in the morning is the key to a strong, smart day. A hot breakfast is a treat. Granted, you’ve got to get up a little early, but it’s so worth it.

My son and I have always enjoyed plain instant Quaker oatmeal; we doctor it up with a healthy sprinkling of ground cinnamon and a squeeze of honey for him, a dollop of maple syrup for me. My husband has always preferred the pre-packaged flavored Quaker oats. He likes to get the 50-pack box from BJs because it has Cinnamon & Spice … but over the holidays, he was down to his last Cinnamon & Spice packet, and we went in search of just that flavor at our local grocery stores. Did you know Quaker doesn’t sell just a box of Cinnamon & Spice? It’s only found in the variety packets. We even hit the Kroger on the other side of town, the red-headed stepchild of grocery stores. They also only had the variety pack. Defeated, he picked up the variety pack … but for whatever reason after years of ingesting, he decided to look on the package.

Oh, to his horror it’s filled with “stuff.” The Quaker ingredients read: whole grain rolled oats, sugar, natural flavor, salt, calcium carbonate, guar gum, oat flour, caramel color, reduced iron, vitamin A palmitate.

But we have seen the light, and have all switched over to Oat Revolution! On the next row down, we saw it: a new oatmeal to try. The packaging was old school and simple, and screamed of low-budget production. A five-pack was only $1.25 … so we figured what the hell. And bought a box.


Did you get that? It’s the best oatmeal I’ve ever had. The ingredients sing to my all-natural soul: whole grain rolled oats, sugar, flaxseed, salt, natural flavor.

Resigned, we figured we’d have to haul it over to the Kroger once a week, because all three of us battle over the packets. But my mom showed up one day with an embarrassingly huge haul of oatmeal boxes … 10, in fact. Seems the Lowe’s Foods (our regular joint) now carries them: 5 boxes for $5. I can hear the angels singing. And, not to be outdone, so does the Harris Teeter (our other regular joint) … though they only have 4 boxes for $5.

We appreciate the reduced packaging, the fact that it’s low-profile and fits in our pantry on the door shelf, and is smartly priced. Mmm mm.

Viva la Oatmeal Revolución!


Author: Dolly R. Sickles

Writer, mother, wife, adventurer, agent of change, advocate, ally, volunteer, instructor ... I'm never bored. I write contemporary romance and romantic suspense under the name Becky Moore, and children’s literature under the name Dolly Dozier. You can also check me out at MacMillan Publishing’s Heroes & Heartbreakers, where I’m a romance blogger. During the fall and spring, you can find me in the classroom teaching other folks how to follow their dreams or how to fund their community outreach at Wake Technical Community College, and Central Carolina Community College. During the summer and at random times during the year, I'm out adventuring with my family.

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