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Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Pokémon does not rule the world

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Let me say this first: I love Lauryn Hill.

But I want to drive over to wherever reclusive Hollywood Grammy winners live and jerk a knot in her. She has just had her sixth child, and the blurb in my local News & Observer said that after much speculation, Rohan Marley posted a message on Twitter “forwarding all well wishes to Ms. Hill on the birth of her new son,” and he included a photo of him embracing another woman. Then Lauryn posted a retort Tweet defending Rohan, saying their history is “long and complex.”

Seriously? Who cares? Did you ever watch Pokémon (either by yourself or with your kids)? You know, the story where the kids have to battle with their little creatures encapsulated in Poke-balls to save the world? Well Pokémon does not rule the world. And neither should celebrity.

I’m so tired of the intimate details of celebrity life–however normal, complex or bizarre it may seem to the un-famous—ruling the media airwaves. First of all, can you get any lower-class than to air information like that via Twitter, Mr. Marley? And have we ever heard of birth control? News like this is detritus. It isn’t solving world hunger. It isn’t bringing our troops home or propelling us beyond stalls in the budget crisis in Washington. It isn’t creating jobs or impacting the stock exchange. Who cares who is or isn’t the father of Laruryn Hill’s child, beyond her, the father and her family? Why did they feel like they had to alert the media, mobilize their Twitter armies, and even make a public comment?

It’s sad, and so incredibly invasive.

PS. The father of my baby is … my husband. Thought I should issue a press release.


Author: Dolly R. Sickles

Writer, mother, wife, adventurer, agent of change, advocate, ally, volunteer, instructor ... I'm never bored. I write contemporary romance and romantic suspense under the name Becky Moore, and children’s literature under the name Dolly Dozier. You can also check me out at MacMillan Publishing’s Heroes & Heartbreakers, where I’m a romance blogger. During the fall and spring, you can find me in the classroom teaching other folks how to follow their dreams or how to fund their community outreach at Wake Technical Community College, and Central Carolina Community College. During the summer and at random times during the year, I'm out adventuring with my family.

One thought on “Despite Rumors to the Contrary, Pokémon does not rule the world

  1. You are SO right! Like these famalies that have TV programs about them. What exactly do they do? Have 20 kids, multiples, look good in tight clothes, like to scream at each other like idiots…..I could go on and on. How about using your celebrity status to make the world a better place! Whew! I feel better now 🙂

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