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Early Memories

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While visiting with some friends on the coast earlier in the week, we got into the discussion of memories.

“What is the earliest thing you can remember,” Carol asked. Hmm … that’s a very good question. During this last year, while recuperating from my TBI, I’ve struggled with memory. But when I thought about it over coffee, I drifted into my Wayback Machine and had two vivid, distinct memories.

The first was looking through our window into a grassy courtyard, where a small 70s-era playground sat off in the distance and the courtyard was lined with other apartment buildings. My mom told me that was our quarters in Hanau, Germany, where my dad (and my mom and I by extension) was stationed while fighting in the Vietnam War. We moved back to the states when I was almost five, so my mom placed that memory to when I was two and a half or three. Not bad.

The second was the opening credits of Big Blue Marble, which we watched in Germany on the Armed Forces television broadcasts. In the years since, nobody I’ve ever mentioned the PBS show to has seen or heard of it. Mostly I remember the earth rotating … the big blue marble … and segments about pen pals. Mom said I was probably about three when we would’ve seen Big Blue Marble. Thank goodness for better CTW programming when we got back to the states, because I was totally an Electric Company kid. HEY YOU GUYS!

What are your earliest memories?


Author: Dolly R. Sickles

Writer, mother, wife, adventurer, agent of change, advocate, ally, volunteer, instructor ... I'm never bored. I write contemporary romance and romantic suspense under the name Becky Moore, and children’s literature under the name Dolly Dozier. You can also check me out at MacMillan Publishing’s Heroes & Heartbreakers, where I’m a romance blogger. During the fall and spring, you can find me in the classroom teaching other folks how to follow their dreams or how to fund their community outreach at Wake Technical Community College, and Central Carolina Community College. During the summer and at random times during the year, I'm out adventuring with my family.

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