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Jennifer Proffitt, Community Manager at Heroes & Heartbreakers | 11.10.17

I have managed Dolly since 2014 in my capacity as Community Manager of the Heroes and Heartbreakers romance community website. Dolly is a competent, goal oriented, and perceptive writer. She has been an asset to our community, driving much of our highest performing content. Dolly would be a strong addition to any team.

Melanie Marshall, Career Coach at Wake Technical Community College | 4.27.16

Dolly Sickles is a professional writer who helps others develop their communication and writing skills in the Adult Continuing Education Program at Wake Tech. She is an accomplished and published writer who accepts people at their current skill level and teaches them to develop their own writing styles. Her encouragement for others allows them to create their own stories. She recei ves very high recommendations from her students.

Randy Light, Director of Development at Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina | 7.17.14

I recently attended a continuing education Grant Writing course through Wake Technical Community College with Dolly Sickles as our instructor. Dolly brought to the class, her unique wit and charm as well as her outstanding writing abilities as a Grant Writer for a local non profit and her writing of several romance novels and children’s books.

We learned the basics of grant writing and the “Best Practices” for moving through the Grant Writing process as well as “out of the box’ ideas in our search for applicable grants. My experience in Dolly’s class was wonderful experience and so job beneficial.

Kamal Wallace, Producer at | 9.22.10

I’ve known Dolly for several years since we worked together at She is a brilliant writer who handled blogs for Her charm is unparalleled and she has an infectious, happy attitude.

capstrat_logoAngela Connor, Senior Vice President, Group Director at Capstrat | 9.18.09

Dolly is an idea machine with a unique mix of creativity and analytical skills that allow her to contribute significantly to a number of departments and divisions in an organization. She rises to the challenge and is committed to making every project she touches a success. She is a talented writer with amazing interpersonal and organizational skills and her professionalism is unmatched.

aas-cJohn Paul Womble, Executive Director, Alliance of AIDS Services – Carolina | 10.4.10

It is with great enthusiasm and professional respect that I recommend Dolly Sickles for a myriad of professional and creative endeavors.  As a seasoned, creative professional with a passion for all aspects of communication, Dolly has an innate ability to teach and enlighten everyone in her presence. She has a very natural, refreshing level of energy and passion that she balances with her accomplished business acumen. I appreciate how her mind works—she’s able to apply business logic to the non-profit world to get things done.

In today’s shifting marketplace, Mrs. Sickles has successfully adapted to changing business environments by honing new skills and creating new opportunities that allow her to capitalize on the power of effective communication.  She is adept at embracing change and effectively communicating it to her peers and subordinates while maintaining the integrity of any organization …

Dolly is a great communicator. She has a gift for connecting with people, for her ability to filter a vast amount of data, and for telling a compelling story with a call to action. She has served our agency, and the community, well. It’s been an honor working with her, and we wish her well in every future endeavor she has planned. I will miss her.

TheatreInTheParkIra David Wood III, Executive Director, Theatre In The Park | 10.16.06

Dolly Sickles has served on Staff at Theatre In The Park for three years. During that time, she became a much loved and integral member of our theatre “family.” During her tenure, she was involved with many aspects of marketing and advertising, and in that capacity contributed a great deal to our organization’s overall success. She involved herself in many creative efforts in an attempt to broaden our organization’s base of support. Her ideas were unique and involved the talents of a great many volunteers. She was present for many performances, adding her friendly personality to activities in our box office and Season Member lounge. She helped plan and carry out our opening night receptions–which always added a great deal to each production at our theatre.

Her contributions to the success of Theatre In The Park are many. She will always remain a special member of our theatre “family,” and we know she will apply herself and her many talents to whatever she attempts in the future.

cbc_logoRichard T. Campbell, Capitol Broadcasting Company  | 3.2.07

I am writing to commend Dolly Sickles for her outstanding work as the Community Marketing Coordinator for a new User-Generated Content Web site for which I was responsible. Dolly joined the very small team focused on this project within CBC New Media Group, and was engaged and making significant impacts before showing up for her first day of work. From our initial conversations, I sensed her passion for the project, and was impressed with her ability to not only grasp the important aspects of the project, but to quickly define priorities, roll up her sleeves and get to work.

With our project, it was important to have key voices speaking out on the leading, relevant community issues of the day. We needed to have these individuals primed to post Blogs, photos and comments prior to our launch. Before showing up for her first day of work, Dolly jumped on this task with great zeal, and began filling out a content grid that matched defined content categories for the Web site with the key voices and community leaders what were known “experts.” Not only has she identified some outstanding participants to serve as featured contributors, she has pulled together key pieces of marketing collateral, very impressive pieces that would have significantly impacted our budged if produced externally, scheduled face-to-face meetings to sell the vision, and has generated much excitement for this much needed community resource. Dolly has been successful in these marketing efforts, and when the technology is in place, I am confident we will have a sound collection of featured contributors in place to dialog and debate the local issues of the day.

It has been a pleasure working with Dolly. She has the unique ability to connect with team members very quickly, complimenting the collective vision, providing outstanding vision of her own, and the rare strength to bring the vision to life. She has been a valuable team member and I have enjoyed working with her immensely.

TheatreInTheParkAdrienne Pender, Appendices Comp Supervisor, Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc., and Board Member of Theatre In The Park | 11.30.07

Dolly is an amazing woman. Dedicated, fun, free-spirited, organized, thoughtful, and a lover of life. She is an asset to any organization or group fortunate enough to have her.

nortel_logo_largeArnold Lynch, Nortel Networks and Board Member of Theatre In The Park  | 10.13.06

I have known and worked–as a volunteer–with Dolly for three years in her capacity as the Marketing Director at Theatre In The Park (TIP). Over that period I have observed her dedication to the job, work ethic, and time spent building relationships with TIP patrons, volunteers and sponsors.

Dolly brought a lot of creativity to the job, delivering fresh ideas and approaches to promote TIP and the Season. Her creative use of both Patrons and Directors helped give TIP a more personal identity–an approach I suspect TIP will continue to use. She was enthusiastic in support of Main Stage shows and worked very well with TIP volunteers. She also coordinated and lead numerous special events to help generate public interest and strengthen internal relationships. Dolly appeared to work very well with TIP advertisers and the media. She helped grow advertising revenue and was always looking for ways to trade and nurture those relationships to get the best value for both parties.

I enjoy the relationship built with Dolly to date, and look forward to seeing more of her and her family as TIP volunteers in the future.

Dnortel_logo_largeavid Hunt, Nortel Networks | 3.17.03

I have known Dolly for over five years. We met after an organizational change, which placed us both in the same information technology department. Our working association crisscrossed through the years. Even after several management structure changes, we ended up working together on virtual project teams.

One of the traits that stands out with Dolly is her skill with written communication. She listens carefully and can turn a verbal concept into a structured document. As part of my position I generated announcements, instructional material, and information materials on projects for corporate distribution. Dolly was always readily available to proof the material before publication, not only for grammar and style, but also taking into consideration the cultural differences of a global corporation.

Dolly is a team player and does not hesitate to offer creative suggestions for the challenge at hand. As part of the Information Services organization of a large corporation, Dolly’s technology skills and knowledge of the Internet are top-notch. While life has sent us along separate paths, I would welcome the opportunity to work with Dolly again.

REVIEWS for Becky Moore, Romance Author

The Great Outdoors

“Don’t ever think 1 Night Stand stories are all the same, because they’re not.  This story while full of sexual attraction and two really great characters, has them taking a long date.  This date is enjoying the outdoors and is absolutely wonderful and a great change as most of this series takes place in large cities.  Not only that, Tallulah and Mitchell take the time to talk and feel each other out prior to the hot sex.  These two professionals are that professional.  There is no jumping into bed without learning about the other, no just running away from a terrific position but there is more than attraction; there is the opportunity of a real match.”
–  4 Stars from Night Owl Reviews (for the full review, click here)

“I loved both characters and in a short few pages, the author conveys their past hurts, the way they overcame them, and their desire for new partners.”
– 5 Stars from Long and Short Reviews! (For the full review, click here)

“I loved both characters and in a short few pages, the author conveys their past hurts, the way they overcame them, and their desire for new partners.”
– 5 Stars from Long and Short Reviews! (For the full review, click here)

“Tallulah and Mitch’s great little magical adventure was a great short escape. At first you don’t think they fit together very well, but once you get to know more of her stories you realize Madame Evangeline is always right! It was very well written with great characters and a satisfying ending. Enjoy! I did!”
Love to Read Romance!

Closer to My Heart

“Enjoyed reading Penalty Box and now reading Closer to My Heart. Easy and fun read. Recommend to any romance reader. ” – 5 stars from Carol

Icing on the Cake

“I love a good romance novel. I love a good author. I loved this story! It’s a short story, just 59 pages, but Becky Moore packs it full of passion and awesomeness  … I totally recommend this with 4 stars. It’s a fun, captivating, quick read that will leave your heart pounding and a smile on your face. I went back and looked at Becky Moore’s other works, and I can’t wait to get started on them! Great job, Becky!” – 4 stars from Romancing the Book

The Penalty Box

“I enjoy watching hockey! It is one of my favorite sports and when I found out that Becky Moore had written a hockey romance I ran home from my local book club meeting yesterday night. I found this ebook to be a great read and a must for all hockey fans. I liked the characters interaction, the love scenes are tastefully written and very expressive. I really enjoyed reading this ebook, The Penalty Box by Becky Moore published by XoXo Publishing. Excellent read.” – 5 stars from Carina de Corte,

“I read faster than the library or local bookstores can ship in my favorite authors, so I’m always on the hunt for someone new. I really like Becky Moore’s style, quick dialogue. The characters were interesting, and the love scenes sexy without being … crass or tacky. I’m going to keep my out for more of her work.” – 5 stars from radar,

The Right Words

“… What worked for me — The writing was smart, funny and realistic overall. I liked the rhythm of the story. I liked the level of background detail. The focus of THE RIGHT WORDS was more on the emotional development of both Jane and Lucas; it was just the right blend of personal growth and sexy romance.”
– 4 stars from Mia, at The Romance Reviews

“Becky Moore delivers a page turner that’s both scorching and sweet!”
Deb Marlowe, historical romance author

“After me and the missus read The Penalty Box, we searched for more contemporary romances by Becky Moore (yes, I’m happy to admit I like a happy ending, too). The Right Words was another great story. Becky’s style is easy to read and believable. This time, the dude had a CIA background which I liked. Definitely will recommend to others.
– 5 stars from radar,


“Peggy Noodle is a fun read. Peggy’s dilemma of ‘awkwardness’ is put to rest as she meets the challenge of conquering a new sport shown to her by Clara, an elderly neighbor. This easy reader encourages  self esteem, depicts competition, and friendships.”
– Carol Crane

“As our first chapter story book, I was shocked that my children, both under 3, listened and understood the story. The words fiasco and Hoopla are going to be repeated the next few days I’m sure! :)”
– 5 stars from Tiffany Jo

“This is a wonderfully written story with beautiful illustrations. My daughter really enjoyed the story and the characters. She reads at a 2nd-3rd grade level and this was a perfect length story with appropriate vocabulary. Order this book and maybe it will start a discussion with your children about what you liked to do when you were young!”
–  5 stars from John Fedorjaka & Margaret Corrigan “Point”

“I bought this in Kindle format because my 8yo dd was excited about hula-hooping and her Kindle. We enjoyed the book and would consider others by this author.”
– 5 stars from AYorski

“I loved this book. It was fun to read and my 5 year old son thought the hula hoop was such a cool idea we bought him one. Now we just need Peggy to show him how it works. I like the lesson that it teaches that it is ok to be different. You needd to find your own activity that makes you happy not what everyone else thinks you should be doing. It is great for children of all ages.”
– 4 stars from Cathy Howard