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Keen Observations on Life … Whether You Need Them or Not

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I was a military brat until elementary school, when my parents divorced, and my mom and I put down roots. After college, and marriage and having our son, we moved into a small town in North Carolina where we put down more roots. We lived there for 19 years–the longest I’ve lived in one place. When we moved to our new house out in the meadow last summer, I did not enjoy the moving process. Selling and building a house: yes. Packing up our shit and then unpacking it: no.

One highlight was the bookshelves. I got in the habit of tucking important things in between books at random. Handwritten notes, letters to Santa, cards, photographs, playbills, admission tickets to the ballet I wrote … things like that. I also maintain a notebook for everything. I got in the habit of that years ago. I like a basic Mead 3-ring binder; nothing fancy or leather. To my delight, I discovered our son is a doodler, like me. I was getting my notebook cleaned organized so I can keep track of my WIPs, and ran across this doodle–one of my favorites. Think I’ll shake out the shelves, so to speak, to see what fun stuff I can find. Stay tuned!