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Examining “Otherness” now live

I was super excited to interview Michele Tracy Berger for the North Carolina Literary Review’s fall 2022 issue on Writers Who Teach, Teachers Who Write. She’s an interesting, forward-thinking Afrofuturist who writes about the Black Fantastic, and shares in my love for genre fiction and great storytelling. Check out the article when you’ve got a chance — I won the Randall Kenan Prize for this essay, which was unexpected and delightful.

Read the essay here: Examining Otherness on the Page and in the Classroom with Michele Tracy Berger

Michele’s going to be a guest author at my book club this month. My peeps are excited to read Reenu-Yu and talk to the author. Be sure to grab a copy of her book if you’re looking for something spooky. Don’t forget to leave a great review over at Goodreads.

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Front Page News

For so much of my career I was behind the scenes. And now, even after two children’s books and five romances, it’s still strange to be the focus of coverage. But I’m excited about the story our local newspaper did on me this week. 🙂

Despite initial resistance to the genre, romance books shape local writer’s world

On a side note, it’s not too late to sign up for The Business of Writing Romance at Wake Technical Community College. I’ll be back at Central Carolina in the spring!

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Putting it all together

The continuing education creative writing adjunct instructors at Central Carolina Community College were asked to provide bios and headshots, and images of their book covers for the upcoming Carolina Women’s Show. My mom loves stuff like this, so we’ll most likely swing through. It’s kind of cool to see all of seven of my book covers put together. It reminds me that my TBI is nothing but a blip in my career, a five-year hiatus seasoning my imagination so my forthcoming books will be even more exciting. Onward and upward!