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Addictive Adventure from Cherry Adair

As a creative thinker, I’ve always had a pretty interesting career … mainly because I’m rarely bored can always find something funky to do. Several firsts come to mind: the first million dollar marketing campaign I was able to manage at Nortel Networks; the first avenue banners I designed and saw hanging downtown in Raleigh for Theatre In The Park; the first international conference booth signage I designed for Vision Share, Inc. (and its unveiling at a medical conference in Germany); the release of my first contemporary romance, The Right Words; and now my participation as a blogger with MacMillan’s Heroes and Heartbreakers.

I work professionally as Dolly R. Sickles, publish romance under the pseudonym Becky Moore, will publish my first children’s book in the spring under my maiden name Dolly Dozier, and am now excited to blog for the romance industry as Dolly Sickles.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about Cherry Adair’s addictive adventure, and then take a few more to leave a comment. I’m really interested to hear what YOU find addictive in literature.