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Willie Nelson

Check out my rooster, Willie Nelson. He’s a seven-week barred rock rooster from down the way. He’s a big baby, hides behind my legs when our Rhode Island Red hens pick on him, lets us pick him up and love on him, and chirps like Beaker from The Muppets. He’s BFF’s with Lady Gaga. In conclusion: he’s dreamy.


Summer traditions: Calabash!

Last summer, fried cauliflower and zucchini fritters were the thing. This summer, we decided the big deal was getting fresh fish from our local monger at the Thursday farmers market and frying it up … Calabash-style. And it is SO good. Some weeks we have both moms, some weeks just one. This week, we had Rah-Rah, shrimp and grouper. Then we took watermelon rinds out to my chickens and grabbed some goodies from the garden. It was a great day.