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Another Big Snow

I was just looking through some old photos to see if I could find anything from “the big snow” of 2000, when we got about 23 inches and our (then) nearly two-year-old son stepped off the porch and dropped out of sight. Digital photography has come a long time since then, but here are some images from then and now. Come on summer!

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IMG_1795 (Large)Today my husband and I are celebrating our 19th anniversary.

There are some pretty interesting topics that come up when you Google “19.” Like, did you know it’s one of the smallest prime numbers? According to Wikipedia, it’s also a centered triangular number, centered hexagonal number and a Heegner number. Whatever that is. Nineteen is the atomic number for potassium. The command for the laughing emote in Age of Empires is 19.  Major League Soccer has 19 teams. Steve Yzerman’s number 19 NHL jersey was retired in his honor, as was Johnny Unitas’ NFL jersey and MLB’s Tony Gwynn. The nineteenth president of the United States was Rutherford B. Hayes. And, 19 is the debut album from Adele, though we all know her wildly successful career is the result of a bad relationship; look how she turned that around, though. Bet that poor schmuck wishes he were a better partner, huh?

But when I think of nineteen, I think of 6,935 days that I’ve been able to spend with the love of my life. Nineteen years of living, laughing, and enjoying the company of such a wonderful man and father. Nineteen years ago, I was just dreaming of the blessing we would have in our son, who’s just turned 15. Of our beloved Penelope Buttercup, our first baby, who helped to shape our lives and teach us to be gentle lovers of pets. Of Maggie May, the Wonder Beagle, and her counterpart, Dilly Freckles, la gato del muerte … who we still fear will kill us while we’re sleeping.

Nineteen years is a long time, yet it’s passed in the blink of an eye. It’s so wonderful to report that after these 6,935 days, we are still discovering new things about each other, still finding endless things to discuss, still laughing at the silliest jokes, still holding hands, still dreaming. Honey, after all this time, I still Stop the World and Melt with You.